Professional Positions That Are Aestheticians, Barbers, And Cosmetologists

There are many different careers within the beauty industry. These jobs all need people to be trained and licensed. Different states have different rules and regulations, so make sure you are aware of these. Should you ever move out of state, then understanding these differences is even more important. Some of the possible jobs include cosmetologist (or beautician), barber and aesthetician. A lot of people are unclear, however, about what the difference between these professions is. The exact definition, again, varies from one state to the next, but some of the differences exist all over. If you are considering a career in the beauty industry, learning to understand these differences can be very important, however. The following information has been compiled to help you gain a greater understanding of these differences.

Firstly, there are the cosmetologists. This is a very wide-ranging profession to choose. A cosmetologist cuts and styles hair of men and women alike. Besides hair, they also work with skin care and makeup. They often work for magazines or television, ensuring people look their best on set. Besides this, they deal with nails, offering both manicures and pedicures. Looking next at the barber, they only deal with hair. Additionally, they only work with men, whereas a beautician deals with both genders. As such, they deal with both head and facial hair. They generally work in specialized barber shops. Most would say, therefore, that the role of a barber is more specialized and hence more limited. Last but not least, let’s review what an aesthetician does. They look solely at skin care. Their role allows them to work with both genders. One of the areas they work in most commonly is dealing with acne. However, they can also train on to deliver more specialized types of treatment. They can, for example, train to do Botox injections and microdermabrasion treatment. They can also train for laser hair removal for instance. Clearly, the job of an aesthetician is one of the most specialized out of the three.

The beauty industry is vast and there are job opportunities within a lot of different sectors. Many start working in salons, but that certainly isn’t the only option out there. A lot of people try to get their foot in the media and movie industry. Another option is to find work within the health industry, or to start your own business. There are many different opportunities out there.