Is It Okay To Use Tooth Whitening Strips On My Teeth?

Whitening strips are incredibly popular. People choose these strips because they are readily available, very convenient, low in price and very easy to use. Of course, the fact that we are told by the media on a daily basis that we should all have sparkling white teeth increases their popularity as well. Interestingly, however, this is nothing new. Tooth whitening procedures have been used since the Ancient Greeks. Unfortunately, the products they came up with were actually damaging and many people would lose their teeth altogether. It will come as no surprise, therefore, that people now worry whether the tooth whitening strips are actually safe.

The ADA (American Dental Association) has reviewed teeth whitening products and declared them to be effective and safe. A number of the products have been awarded with the Seal of Acceptance. However, before using a teeth whitening products, the ADA recommends people visit the dentist for a consultation first. The ASA has also stated that people who use tooth whitener can experience gum irritation. Whether or not teeth get damaged by these products is down to two main factors. Firstly, you must find out whether your teeth will respond to the particular bleach used in the product. The other issue is that the products come with instructions, and these must be followed properly.

Most people who report their teeth are becoming damaged have actually used the products too much. It is for this reason that people must follow the instructions to the letter. Just as how bleach breaks down hair if it is used too often, it also breaks down the enamel of teeth. In a number of cases, people have used whitening strips so much that their teeth have ended up being translucent. So can the use of whitening strips lead to damaged teeth? Yes and no would both be the correct answer. It can indeed be dangerous if you use the product the wrong way, if you use it more often than recommended or if you don’t know whether you already have oral problems. However, this means you aren’t following directions. As such, whitening strips are dangerous in the same way as what Anadin is. The ASA hasn’t declared these products as safe for no reason. They simply accept that people have the sense to use products in the way they are supposed to use them. Hence, if you are disciplined enough to see your dentist first, purchase a recommended product and follow all the instructions, then there should be no issue with using teeth whitening strips.