Guide To Ensuring Your Children Are Successful With Their Brushing And Flossing Regime

Anyone who has children knows that it is difficult to get those kids to brush and floss the right way. You will probably have heard parents bragging about how their little angels really value the importance of oral hygiene, but they are most likely lying. These parents make just as many mistakes as you, but they are simply afraid to admit it. This may make you wonder, however, whether you should just give up on brushing and flushing. This is obviously not the case either. You must make sure that your children start to understand how important oral hygiene actually is. So how do you make sure this actually happens? Essentially, it is all about making it a routine and making it fun.

Tackling brushing first, you have to make sure your kids brush their teeth often and long enough. Make sure they perform their oral hygiene routine twice a day. This is where your own perseverance will have to come in. You must also allow your kids to earn the experience themselves. Hence, take your kids to the chemist and allow them to choose their own toothbrush as well as their own toothpaste. Also get an egg timer to help them brush their teeth for two whole minutes. Make sure this is a timer they chose and that they set it every time before they brush. Next, teach your children about proper brushing techniques by using various books, publications and YouTube videos that are available. What child doesn’t want to be just like the character from their favorite book, or like a YouTube poster after all?

You also need to tackle flossing. Flossing is designed to make sure that all the areas that a toothbrush can’t reach are still cleaned. Luckily, it generally isn’t too difficult to get your kids to floss. After all, what is more fun than finally being enough to put some wire in your mouth? Furthermore, kids tend to love the fact that they feel tickled by the funny flavor of the flossing wire. Again, it is about giving your kids ownership of what they do. Get them to pick their own floss and make sure they personalize the container so no one else can accidentally use it. Finally, be realistic and understand that you will still struggle to get your kids to be brush and flush regularly, but these steps will definitely make it a lot easier.