Golf Pros That Played Miniature Golf As A Child

Most people assume that a pro golfer has to be a good crazy golf player too. Actually, most of us have the idea that professional golfers discovered just how good they are by playing mini golf as kids. As a matter of fact, this presumption is completely wrong. As a matter of fact, no professional golfer started playing miniature golf first. The two are simply completely different sports. Some say the difference is that miniature golf is nothing but a game, whereas real golf is a true sport. However, this isn’t quite fair either, since even miniature golf is regulated by various organizations and competitions are held on national and international levels. In fact, there are people who class themselves as professional crazy golfers. On the other hand, real golf pros would never class someone who plays crazy golf on a competitive level as professional. One of the reasons for this is that it is not possible to make a living playing crazy golf competitively. On the other hand, it is in our country that the prize money is the highest in the world. In fact, some competitions pay out as much as $5,000. Unfortunately, that is not the kind of money that allows people to earn their keep, but it is certainly enough for some of life’s luxuries.

However, some pro golfers have been known to take part in a game of miniature golf for charity or work. One example is found in Tiger Woods, who has now done this twice. The first time, Tiger Woods took on Jimmy Fallon, which is believed to have been solely as a PR campaign because nobody liked Tiger Woods the sex addict. The second time was for an advertisement for the USGA, who are trying to speed up the pace of the game of golf.

So how come miniature golf is seen as so menial? Some say that the reason is that the skills needed to play this type of golf are minimal. It is certainly true that you only need a single club and you don’t have to be in any kind of good physical condition to play it either. Also, the weather doesn’t play a major role in the game. It doesn’t matter if it is windy and most courts close if there is heavy rainfall. At the same time, however, miniature golf does take a lot of skill. Getting the ball through gates, over bridges and under other obstacles in order to reach a hole is actually very difficult. Hence, it is better to see both games as sports, just very different ones.