The Effect Associated With Pre-Employment Drug Testing On Job seekers And Managers

Companies and organizations are known to follow the practice of drug testing in their operations. While this practice is enforced randomly in certain businesses on their existing employees, this is usually most common as a pre-employment requirement. Any employment candidate who is seriously considered for a position can be requested by the hiring business to require drug testing to be conducted. You can already expect to encounter the testing requirement if you are an applicant looking for a position at a well-known company in the industry you are part of. These businesses usually choose the laboratory or medical facility where the tests are to be conducted and will take care of processing the samples to get accurate results. The testing involves determining if certain drugs can be found in the applicant’s body, which would mean drug use that can be an impediment in their employment.

There are different forms of samples that can be collected in order to test if drugs are present in applicants. Depending on the drugs they are testing for, the samples they can collect from applicants can include blood, urine, sweat, hair and saliva. Sample collection is usually done in controlled environments, ensuring that the samples are provided for by the applicants and avoiding possibilities of submissions of samples by other people. There are various drug panels that applicants can be tested for, with each panel representing a certain type of drug that would be considered disruptive in a person’s ability to work properly. Many of the drugs they test for are illegal or are associated with producing erratic behavior in those who use them for recreation. Companies can decide on the number of drug panels to test for, particularly if they feel that certain types of drugs can affect the output employees can produce for them.

The practice of testing for drugs is considered to be a necessary step towards ensuring that a business ends up with employees that they can rely on. People who use drugs are usually associated with instances of irresponsibility, compromised coordination and actions that lead to workplace mishaps that can be a detriment to productivity. While drug testing is a good idea in general, it does create a sense of invasion of privacy in certain individuals. There are individuals who have stopped using drugs who have the potential to lose out on career options because of their history of drug use. This makes it difficult for these individuals to find equal opportunities in the workplace even if they no longer have any dependency on drugs. On the business side, there are concerns regarding the cost, particularly when multiple drug panels are requested in the testing.