Don’t Plant Shrubs Right Next To A House Constructed of Wood!

Most people like to design their garden and include some nice bushes and trees. However, don’t go out and buy random bushes without realizing that some can cause significant problems. Never is this more true than with a wood house. Let’s take a look at some of the trees to avoid.

The silver maple is a great example of a highly popular tree that you may want to avoid. Most of us pick this one because it grows quickly and because it is really big. The downside of this rapid growth is that the wood is weak and brittle. Very often, when a tree falls over in a storm, destroying the house it lands on, it is a silver maple. Also, many driveways and foundations are destroyed by the shallow roots. A second tree is ash. No matter where you go in our country, you are likely to find ash. Considering we use ash not just in furniture but also to make baseball bats, it becomes clear why this truly is the all American tree. However, where there is ash, there is the ash borer beetle. If you have any ash in the construction of your home, the beetle will love to take up residence. next, there is the quaking aspen. The aspen is mainly found in northern states. Its popularity is mainly due to the beautiful white bark and the leaves that gently vibrate. The root system of the aspen, however, is so big that it will gladly run right the way through your wood house. In fact, one aspen, known as Pando, has made it into the Guinness World Record Book, with its 80,000 year old, 6,600 ton root system. Hybrid poplars are another example. Hybrid poplars are created by mixing two kinds of poplar, and they are known to be particularly susceptible to disease which can infect your wooden house as well. Finally, try to stay away from willow. Willow is incredibly beautiful and popular. However, it is an incredibly thirsty tree, and it will find any water on your land and dry it out. They are known to actually crack foundations with their roots.

Clearly, not all trees and bushes are suitable. There are also many other trees and bushes you want to stay away from. Clearly, you must do your research before you start planting. After all, having a home is more important than having a nice garden.